FVRmind (FEVER MIND) is the brainchild of Swedish artist and songwriter Iona Isabella accompanied by guitarist Marcus Kearsey, bassist Rocco Macchia and drummer Oliver Overgaard. They create melancholic trip-hop inspired alternative rock with Scandinavian folk influences, carving out their own place in the music industry, FVRmind has been compared to the sounds of Björk, Massive Attack, FKA Twigs and Portishead.

FVRmind’s intimate live performances and edgy sonical arrangements have already taken the them around several of the iconic London live venues and given them the opportunity to play in other European cities: Basel, Switzerland (Sommercasino, Jukebox), Sweden (Lund) and Danmark, Copenhagen (VEGA). Now, finally releasing music, Obscure is the first track from their debut EP that will be released during 2020.

”Sounded like a trip down the Amazon River.” –

‘’The luscious soundscape and upbeat lyrics set the mood in the best way possible and highlights just a small taste of what’s to come. If you’re a fan of indie, FVRmind has a sound that you’ll soon fall in love with.’’ – Keep Walking Music 

‘’With a grunge dynamic but with a musicality closer to Portishead FVRmind conducts an intensely raw and delicate piece at the same time.’’ – Rock Fueguino

‘‘Obscure is a dynamic track that modulates between swirling, clean electric guitars and breathy vocals, to an intense, heavy chorus that is dark and ambient while still packing a punch.’’ – Trend & Chaos