FVRmind is the brainchild of Swedish artist and songwriter Isabella Köhler Alvén, in collaboration with Swiss producer Ean2 (Colin Lanz). Based in London, FVRmind creates melancholic ambient pop with a psychedelic atmosphere and a dash of trip-hop. They debuted with the EP ”ENTER” in May 2018 and single ”Blood Moon” came out the 21st of January 2019, when the actual blood moon appeared. The next EP that will be out in May 2019.

Isabella and Colin are experienced live performers and recording artists. Isabella has been in a number of bands of various genres that have received attention in Sweden and internationally. She has been a part of !Regeringen, Cupid Kidz, Culture of Memoria and Ikonia. Her songwriting and vocals can be found in lots of different contexts, from provocative indie-pop to heavy rock.

Colin has his roots in the progressive indie band Quintessenz. Based in Basel, their EP “Ellipsis” received critical acclaim and reached Nr. 18 in the Swiss album charts. Colin joined FVRmind in 2018 and continues to write and release under his producer moniker “Ean2″.

FVRmind’s debut EP ”ENTER” transports us into a world of emotional down-tempo beats and atmospheric Scandinavian soundscapes. From euphoria to the deepest of doubts. FVRmind explores mental health issues and the tension between intense feelings and mixed emotions. ”ENTER” is a compilation of songs that have come together in response to Isabella’s toughest life experiences. They invite you to take part in relatable raw and intimate moments.

”Sounded like a trip down the Amazon River.” – about Mörkt (Darkness)