Hey you! 

How are you holding up? I find myself doing weird stuff at home to keep myself entertained. This gave me an idea, and I would absolutely LOVE for you to be a part of it. SPOILER : We’re dropping a track in a few weeks and this is your invitation to be a part of our music video. The idea is for you to send us a video of the odd stuff you do at home to keep yourself entertained. No masturbation videos please, it has to be youtube friendly! 

Heads up: by sending the clip you are agreeing that I can be used in a publicly published video. 

So will you please let us know if you want to participate in this video and send us a video of you.  We will use the parts we find suitable for the video. We might speed it up to get more of it into the video. 


  • The video can be between 30 second-2 min long,
  • Please put the recording device somewhere pointed at you rather than holding the camera, so that the recording is stable.
  • Record in Landscape view ( phone laying down)


Give us a representation of what the isolation has been for you so far. The more personal the better, if you don’t mind we’d love to see your home in the background.

You can involve your flatmates as long as they are aware that the video will be used for a music video.

  1. Being really bored
  2. Screaming in frustration ( WE NEED MANY SCREAM VIDEOS)
  3. Doing something odd, WHAT ARE YOU DOING AT HOME WE WANT TO KNOW!!
  4. Having a party with yourself/dancing with yourself
  5. Throwing stuff or going slightly insane breaking stuff etc, if that’s what you feel like..
  6. Your interpretation of quarantine whatever that is, maybe you’re having a lovely time doing spas every day, then send us a video of that. 
  7. Cutting your hair? ( haha who else does this when they are bored?)
  8. Empty streets that are usually filled with people
  10. I don’t know? Build a castle of beer cans? 


DEADLINE: 7/5-2020

Email your content to contact@fvrmind.com with the subject line MUSIC VIDEO

Go bananas people! 

I wish we could all quarantine together! But that’s not how it works, unfortunately…